First Five Out

I was super lucky to have the opportunity to speak at AGDA Student Council’s First Five Out event. “Go your own way.”

Preparing for a talk is always a little daunting and this was no exception! I was truly so excited to share on the topic of going your own way, because I feel like I have done just that! Moving from a graphic design role into pursuing illustration and freelance was daunting and scary, but so so rewarding. Here are some of the advice and thoughts that I shared on the night.

Below is a scan of my little note that I wrote, where I jotted down my goals for 2018, straight after I quit my job at thankyou!

Goals List.png

What going your own way means to me:

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 1.37.30 PM.png

- You don’t have to justify your path to anyone else

- Your own unique path is beautiful

- Shamelessly tell people what you do and what you want to do

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Going my own way meant that I had to let go of the ideas that I had about myself! Suddenly I learnt to ask myself questions on what it was that I wanted to do and not what I should do. And I had to also accept myself and everything wonderful about me that made me unique!

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 1.37.38 PM.png

Have a why not attitude

- Put yourself out there
- Try things that scare you

Find your tribe

- Find mentors who are a few steps before you
- Be around people who are also pursuing their passions

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So appreciative of AGDA and particularly to Anna who put me forward for this event! Also, big love to the other speakers who were just incredible and inspiring!
Play on Play / @playonplay_studio
Gemma Mahoney / @gemmarmahoney
Rida Abbasi / @thespiral_
Michelle Jarni / @dudroots

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